Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The 5 craziest, dust-crushing lines from Red Bull Rampage

There's no doubt that the annual Red Bull Rampage competition produces some crazy riding, but seeing the course from the rider's point of view shows how insane it really is:

5. Kelly McGarry

After some big crashes in qualifying, it's no wonder McGarry sounds so nervous in his finals run.

4. Tom Van Steenbergen

Van Steenbergen's run was cut cruelly short by a big crash on the canyon gap in finals, but this qualifying run shows he had the potential for far more.

3. Brett Rheeder

Many thought that Brett Rheeder's technical and trick-filled run was scored harshly, you be the judge here.

2. Cam Zink

If he hadn't stopped to entertain the crowd, Zink may well have took home the win, check out his insane 360 at 0:50.

1. Andreu Lacondeguy

Andreu rightly took the crown this year, with his run proving that he can hit the Utah dirt harder, faster and bigger than anyone else.

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